Coined word combining PLAT= “Flat, Plate” / CHAMP = “Field”
It is key to share your special space and moments with your important people
Bring your casual style from your home dining table to the beach and mountains
Enjoy your camping food on your home terrace and garden
Use for your home parties or camping anywhere with no boundaries
Having our favorite things around simply makes any space special
PLATCHAMP is a brand that offers cool, unpretentious goods and tools with style


Bryan showed me the outdoor style I admire.

One weekend, Bryan said “Let’s Go” as he started getting plates from the cupboards and putting them in a picnic basket.
He took a table and some folding chairs from his garden and packed them into his station wagon.

The lunch box was filled with pound cake his wife baked in the morning, sandwiches and some fruits.

Time to roll!

Would it be mountains, river or the beach?
We would play it by ear as we drove.
That day, our conversation flowed freely and we found ourselves beach bound.

After we arrived at a secret spot, only locals knew about, we assembled an outdoor stove, laid out the kitchen utensils and setup the table.
When everything was set, we took our fishing gear from the car and set off towards the water.

We spent a couple of hours chatting and fishing.
Memories of his wife,
Work stories,
My story
Although the stories were of nothing special to them, but they were unforgettable
Unfortunately we didn’t catch as many fish as we had hoped.
He quickly cleaned the fish, and started cooking it with the ingredients we’d brought from home.
He took out a wine glass for me, he held a cold coke and said;
“Good Luck!” and we had a toast.

Everything was perfect.

We had taken the homeware he used everyday to the outdoors.
Left the house with no destination in mind
and upon our arrival, his outdoor adventures began.

He had made it comfortable in a different environment and I was happy with his thoughtful gestures.


Completely new enamelware

PLATCHAMP enamelware is 100% manufactured in Japan and made with our original mould.
It is kilned at a high temperature with special glass-like glaze which brings out a warm and timeless “smooth matt color” that is unique to our company.

In addition, normal enamelware is finished in 2 coats, but the PLATCHAMP enamelware has a 3 ply coating finish. Our craftsmen carefully coat each piece with “dipping” as a ground coat, then cover coat twice. Since it is fired at high temperature after each coating process, the finish is matte yet with a smooth surface.
PLATCHAMP enamelware has unique texture created by Japanese craftsmen working on the whole process of moulding, painting and kilning

Reached to 0.8 mm

Overseas enamel wares are made with a thickness of approximately 0.4 mm. PLATCHAMP made “0.8 mm enameled steel plate” which is about twice the thickness. It can’t be used in the microwave, but we stick to this thickness because the warmth last longer when we reheat on BBQ grills and direct fire at camping site. Also it won’t fly away by the wind.

Commitment for all made in Japan

PLATCHAMP enamelware is a dish made by the skillful “technology” of “Japan”. Each piece is meticulously made and each finish is uniquely different. We offer products we really want to make, use and also wish you to know about.



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